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With lifelong learning, you too can join the digital workplace

When I had my first daughter, I spent a lot of energy justifying why I wanted to keep learning and growing in my job. I became more aware of women slowly giving up their career because of motherhood, or having problems coming back to work after a break…

5 ways to swim, not sink, as part of a ‘liquid workforce’

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” will always be a classic question for kids at family events. Whether “future you” turns out to be a teacher or a bus driver or an engineer, the expectation is that it will be only one role, as has always happened in history…

The next talent opportunity for the digital workplace? Neurodiversity

When I first met my former colleague Alex he told me he had difficulty writing and reading owing to his dyslexia. As his manager, I searched the internet for how to help the dyslexic workforce. It was a mistake – I was focusing on his weakness. After some months, I discovered Alex has above-average capabilities in reasoning and that, in all likelihood, these are related to his dyslexia…

AI-driven companies need to be more diverse. Here’s why

As a Spanish woman, I used to meet my friends for dinner at 10pm. I thought that was the perfect time to make the most out of a day. Fast forward to today, after living in Amsterdam, working in an international environment and settling down in Germany, I would never organize a dinner so late. I firmly believe it makes more sense to eat earlier…

Four Ways A New Virus Will Disrupt Our Lives For Good

I like to plan: my holidays, my job, my life. “I love it when a plan comes together” as if I were part of the iconic A-Team. However, life brings us surprises…

Is AI taking your job? Here is a 5 step strategy to unlock your full potential

Future jobs will be more fulfilling thanks to AI. Are you ready for reinventing yourself?

No limits agile mindset: our interpretation of enterprise organisational agility

Agile was originally focused on software development, and so are its values and principles. It is also targeted towards teams based in the same location. Being a mindset and not a framework, and bringing so many proven benefits, why should we limit this mindset to a specific team? Why should we not apply it to different areas, or to the whole organisation?…

These 3 personal factors influence how digital you are. Age? Not one of them

What are the personal factors that influence how digital you are? Which one is not? And what can you do about it?


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