Where I have been and where I will be next 

  • November 2020 @Big & Growing Festival – Speaker “Your Digital Reinvention”
  • September 2020 @IV Inspiring Women Leaders in the Digital Era – Panellist “Thinking Global to Reactivate”
  • September 2020 @HR Afterwork Munich – Speaker “Digital Reinvention for HR Professionals”
  • July 2020 @Women in Tech Third Republic – Speaker “How to reinvent yourself in the digital world”
  • July 2020 @Werk1 start up incubator Munich – Speaker “Reinventing yourself in the digital age”
  • June 2020 @Virtual with Henna Inam – Host and facilitator “The five accelerators of Agile Leadership”
  • May 2020 @SAP BWN Virtual – Speaker “The new future is more inclusive. What are you going to do about it?”
  • May 2020 @EightyDots Academy – Speaker “The acceleration of digital transformation”
  • April 2020 @Cloud Expo Frankfurt Virtual – Speaker “How to be an agile leader in virtual environments”
  • April 2020 @Women in Tech Virtual – Speaker “Disrupt for good: positive future after disruption”
  • April 2020 @net4tec Virtual Morning Session – Speaker “How to create high performance teams in virtual environments”
  • March 2020 @Cisco Systems Barcelona – Panel discussion about Data Trends
  • March 2020 @AI and Big Data World London – Speaker “Why you need Data Culture in your organisation”
  • January 2020 @ IHK (Agency Summit by the Chambers of Commerce and Industry) Munich – Opening Keynote: Will all be automated? Basics on Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning and Deep Learning and Use Cases
  • January 2020 @Microsoft Munich – Opening note “Women in Big Data”
  • January 2020 @Vodafone London – Panel Discussion “Trends in Digital”


  • November 2019 @AWS Munich – Keynote “Future of Work”
  • October 2019 @Vodafone London – Panel moderator on discussion on Data Trends
  • October 2019 @HerCareer Munich – Speaker “Introduction to AI and its business cases”
  • October 2019 @German Blockchain Week by Disrupt Munich – Opening Keynote on “The business use cases of Blockchain”
  • October 2019 @S&OP to IBP Conference Amsterdam – Opening Keynote on “AI impacts on Sales and Operations Planning”
  • September 2019 @Women in IT Summit Berlin – Keynote “The Future of Work: the social impacts”
  • July 2019 @BIO Summit Munich – Panellist in discussion around Digital transformation and the impact in telecoms
  • June 2019 @Global Data Analytics & Business Insights Forum Amsterdam- Keynote around Cognitive Diversity in AI by Berry professionals

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