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How AI is going to impact your job

What does the Future of Work look like? Which skills will disappear? Which ones will be more demanded? And what can you do about it.

Why you need to take the red pill or why Data Culture is needed in your organisation.

Are you in meetings where decisions are made based on the opinion of the highest paid person in the room? Watch this video to understand why data culture helps business and how to make your colleagues to speak data.

Boost Your Digital Skills Plan (with Subtitles)

One minute summary of the five sprintsts to #BoostYourDigitalSkills. Download my ebook to know more details of each step.

Play with me! Differences between Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning

Put yourself on “machine´s shoes” and you will understand these technical concepts, even if you have absolutely no technical background!

Why we need to celebrate cognitive diversity

Diversity is not needed in all the teams. But it is incredibly important when you need to solve complex decisions and in the digital world. Learn why!

The new normal: the accelerated era of digital transformation

How is COVID-19 accelerating the digital transformation? What are the new challenges? How does this affect digital marketing? And what are our predictions? This is a webinar where I was interviewed together with Guntram Kopp, co-founder and Managing Director of EightyDots.

The new future is more inclusive. What are you going to do about it?

The COVID crisis brings new challenges in business. We need a different decision-making, new ways of collaboration and more empathy in business. All these changes bring new habits, which will make our business more inclusive. I was invited to talk to SAP Business Women Network on May 2020 and we discussed the new opportunities and what we can do about them.

Are you Disruption Ready? Discussion about the Five Shifts in Agility to Lead in the Future of Work

Discussion with Henna Inam, author of Wired for Disruption, around the five unique agilities (neuro-emotional, learning, trust, stakeholder and growth) and the required midset shift in disruption time. Are you disruption ready? In this webinar we challenge the audience with an agility quizz and learn practical tools from Henna!


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