Keynote speaker 

I enjoy sharing my learnings with you through talks in different events. Expect storytelling, examples, games and interaction! I want to bring closer to my audience topics which can help to develop their talents and understand the potential of technology.


Big Data and Data Culture

What is Big Data? Why should we use the data to make decisions? How can you convince your colleagues to speak data in the meetings? Learn how to make a data-driven organisation and thrive! 

AI for Business Leaders

Artifical Intelligence and Machine Learning. What is the big deal about it? Learn the latest trends and how to apply them to your business.

Reinvent yourself in the digital workplace

Do you want a step plan for your audience around why and how reinvent themselves in the digital workplace?Do you know which skills are becoming more competitive? We will cover examples so everybody leaves the room with a plan to reskill themselves in a new career path which will make them more competitive and feel more fullfilled 

Future of Work and Sustainability

What is the future bringing us? Why will the future be more sustainable? How can you get an active role in it? Learn insights on trends around the Future of Work, how it affects the different dimensions of sustainabilty, and what impact can you do today to shape your future. 

Agile Leadership

Do you want to learn tricks to start being an agile leader today? I will show you why an agile mindset can help in the VUCA world, and how to be an agile leader in virtual environments.

Cognitive Diversity

Diversity is not the secret success recipe for any team. But those who need to solve complex issues, will benefit of different thinking. I explain you why and how.